First look: Microsoft is adding ChatGPT AI to Notepad on Windows 11

Microsoft is cooking up a nifty addition to your favorite text-editing app, and it's all about AI. Think of it as having a mini-helper in your Notepad, ready to assist you as you type away.

Windows 11 KB5034123 released (direct download links)

Windows 11 KB5034123 is the first update of 2024 with a few quality improvements, such as Wi-Fi and security fixes. As part of Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has also published direct download links for Windows...

HP doc hints at Windows 11 2024 Update (version 24H2), no mention of Windows...

A new version of Windows is coming, and there's a high chance it will be called "Windows 11 2024 Update", not Windows 12. While the branding decision rests with Microsoft's marketing team, HP has...

Hands on with Windows 11’s new lock screen weather card in Build 23612

Microsoft is refreshing the lock screen in Windows 11 yet again. This update doesn't change the experience significantly but enables a new interactive weather card on the lock screen. This is a minor change, but...

Windows 11 pushes Snipping Tool, Microsoft Clipchamp as it is set to remove Steps...

Microsoft's latest Windows 11 update serves as a reminder that it's time to transition away from Steps Recorder. This development follows the tech giant's confirmation of plans to phase out WordPad and Windows speech recognition features from the operating system
Windows Copilot for Windows 11

Microsoft is adding a new image AI feature to Windows 11 Copilot

Windows Copilot is still developing its features, but significant updates are on the horizon. Microsoft is introducing a new function that allows users to take a screenshot and request an AI explanation

You won’t be able to use WordPad in a future release of Windows 11

When you perform a clean install of Windows 11 Build 26020 or newer, available in the Canary channel, you will notice that WordPad is no longer pre-installed. Microsoft confirmed the feature cannot be reinstalled.

Windows Phone boots again, but on a MacBook

In an intriguing display of cross-platform compatibility, a tech enthusiast has successfully run Windows Phone on a MacBook, leading to some unexpected and fascinating results.
Microsoft Copilot app for iOS

Microsoft Copilot app arrives on iOS, bringing free ChatGPT-4 to iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has released its Copilot app for iOS devices, just two days after I reported exclusively that the iOS version was almost ready. Now, iPhone and iPad users can download it from the Apple...
Microsoft Edge Copilot upgrade

Microsoft Edge’s advanced Copilot on iOS, Android gets video summary, plugins and PDF AI

Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS finally supports a full-fledged Copilot experience with nearly all features available on desktop, including plugins, PDF AI and the ability to generate video summaries. On iOS, Microsoft is...

Dell hints at Windows 11’s new AI that automatically changes your settings, fixes bugs

Windows 11's next big update could be a game changer! Microsoft is taking the AI game to the next level with new Windows Copilot features that can automatically identify and fix app issues, suggest Wi-Fi settings, and much more.
Microsoft Edge new features

Microsoft Edge to get new features: AVIF, save video frame, super Drag and Drop

Microsoft Edge is getting AV1 Image File Format (AVIF) support, and a new drag and drop feature that changes the way we interact with links. Another new feature is ability to save video frames from platforms like YouTube.
Windows 11 and Microsoft account auto-sign

Windows 11 is relaxing Microsoft account auto-sign in apps, but only in Europe

Windows 11 is changing in the European countries. Starting with Windows 11's Moment 5 feature update, Microsoft plans to ask user if they wish their apps to use the same Microsoft account as Windows.

Microsoft Copilot’s ChatGPT-like app lands on Android, with iOS version coming soon

Microsoft Copilot has arrived on Android with ChatGPT-like experience. This means you can now use ChatGPT-4 for free on Android, and an iOS version is also on its way.
Windows 11 December 2023 drivers updates

Windows 11 gets December 2023 drivers from Realtek, Intel and AMD

New Windows 11 and 10 drivers from Realtek, Intel and AMD contain fixes and power-saving features. Here's everything you need to know about the December 2023 drivers for Windows 11 and Windows 10.