You Can Uninstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 11 in a Few Weeks

Microsoft Edge is the default browser in Windows 11, which isn’t a surprise. But Windows users are unhappy that Microsoft doesn’t offer them a choice. Removing Edge from Windows 11 is next to impossible, but that will change in the upcoming weeks if you’re in Europe. So, you can uninstall Edge without jumping through hoops.

This change is possible due to the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the European Economic Area (EEA). Microsoft will roll out updates by March 6, 2024, for Windows 11 (23H2) and 10 (22H2), conforming to the DMA. So, users will have much more control over system apps, default apps, and their data stored with Microsoft.

So, European Economic Area Windows users can uninstall Edge like any other system app. They can also remove Web Search from Microsoft Bing (EEA exclusive), Photos, Cortana, and Camera. It sounds like a win for them, but if you mapped your Windows device to a reason other than Europe, you must bear with Microsoft Edge, as you have until now.

uninstall option for microsoft edge windows 11

You can change your device region to an EEA country to get access to the Uninstall button. But that would require you to reset your PC or clean install Windows, and select EEA as the default region.

Some “untraditional” methods to remove Edge still exist, but they are not feasible for basic users. But is Edge that bad?

Microsoft Edge Is a Decent Browser

Edge deserves some hate from users because of not having any control over its presence, but don’t mistake it for a lackluster browser. Recently, it surpassed Safari to gain a 13 percent market share in the Desktop browser segment. It is behind Chrome, but gaining the second spot indicates that many users like it.

Windows 10 market share
Windows market share | Image Courtesy: StatCounter

Currently, the biggest USP of Microsoft Edge is Copilot. The AI-focused search engine is inseparable from the browser. Microsoft didn’t limit its reach and extended its availability to other popular browsers, Windows, and even mobile (Android and iOS).

Moreover, the mobile version of Edge will soon offer extension support, which gives you one more reason to switch. All these quirks, paired with regular support and feature integrations like the Sidebar, Workspaces, and more, make it difficult to ignore.

However, if you are too determined to uninstall Edge, that option may arrive in the Moment 5 update. But whether Microsoft will allow users outside EEA to get rid of their browser so easily is a debatable topic for another time.

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